User Journey Research

The research should provide insights that will allow us to identify opportunities to engage our customers and inform the design and development processes for those engagements.

  1. Identify the moments and contexts to engage our audiences
    1. Assess the audience
      • Who are we serving?
      • What devices do they use?
      • What is their motivation and goal?
    2. Determine the audience’s context
      • What is their situation & location? (Location, movement, event, account data)
      • What is their emotional state or attitude?
      • What are their preferences & history?
    3. Design the engagement
      1. Engage the audience
        • What service will we provide?
        • What will it accomplish?
        • How will they find it?
      2. Calculate customer benefit
        • Does it improve the customer’s experience?
        • Does it accomplish a customer’s goal quickly and efficiently?
        • Is it convenient and enjoyable to use?
      3. Determine the value to FM Global
        • Does it accomplish our business goals?
        • Is it cost-effective? Does it drive revenue, client satisfaction or loyalty?
        • Are we committed to it for the long haul?
      4. Engineer our platforms, processes and people for the engagement
        1. Build Platforms
          • What systems will the engagement use?
          • Who will we need to work with to access the systems?
        2. Transform Processes
          • What processes will the engagement touch?
          • Where will the current process break down?
          • What changes will we have to make?
        3. Align People
          • What skills will we need?
          • Will our organization support the engagement?
          • Do we have the resources to make the changes?
        4. Analyze results to monitor performance and optimize outcomes.
          1. Identify the data you need
            • What are the business metrics?
            • What are the engagement metrics?
            • What are the technical Metrics?
          2. Determine if we’re ready to use it?
            • Can you collect the data?
            • Do you have the analysis tools?
            • Do you have the analytics expertise