Basic User Acquisition in Growth Hacking

The following notes were taken from reading Growth Hacking: A how to guide on becoming a Growth Hacker by Jose and Joe Casanova.


  • the 5th largest website in the world.
  • When Techcrunch began they’d update Wikipedia with links to their articles to drive traffic.


  • Allows you to share your presentations online
  • Produce solid presentations that are educational and provide value then post on slide share
  • Offer value to people, earn their trust and start moving them through the funnel


  • There are a large amount of Founders and CEO’s answering questions on Quora
  • Getting your Founder of CEO answering questions or contributing to discussions within your niche creates high-quality and valuable content


  • Meetup is a community based website dedicated to organising meetings in the off-line world
  • Face-2-face meetings can stimulate retention and referral
  • B2B  businesses can take advantage of industry trade shows, summits and events to foster growth and build retention

Viral Channels

Webmail Address books

  • Use a service like Openinvite and ensure you’re doing APIs for the four largets webmail providers: Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail
  • For B2B – how about using LinkedIn?

Social Media API’s

  • Dont forgot to have presence on the major SM platforms (FB, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin) but also the up-and-comers (google+, Tumblr, Yammer, SalesForce)
  • Make sure your content is easy to share on social content sites like Reddit etc.

Phone Contacts

  • If you’ve got a mobile product make sure it contains a built in function that makes it easy for people to share it with their contacts

Facebook Apps

  • FB has over 1billion users

Contact Files

  • House email lists
  • Use them and make sure you’re ready to support other business users email blasts with appropriate CTAs